App-Ark provides customized college counselling service to help reach your dream school. Yet, the surprisingly high amount of success in dream school application doesn’t define us. We hope that, at the end of the application season, you can learn to communicate freely with people from different cultures, meet life-long friends to go shopping, take selfies, or talk about Hegel together, and get culturally prepared for your American college life. Be a winner.

Every student will be equipped with three top consultants
Strategic consultant

Strategy, time planning and personal image design

American consultant

Essays and interview training

Chinese consultant

Application materials and process management

We have the most effective teamwork structure. Every week we hold multiple rounds of committees to review application materials and essays of each student. Through continuous improvement and simulation of the admissions office, we strive to achieve perfection.

Since its start, App-Ark has been exploring on the most suitable management system for college application process. We systematically divided the whole process into small pieces and built a central system to control them all and get rid of any small mistakes possible like missing the deadlines or application materials.

Our Team

We trust our team. Every student is paired with an experienced Strategy Consultant, a creative American Consultant, and a perfectionist Chinese consultant. We are here ready to help you.

Listen to us

Learn everything about App-Ark from the perspective of our students. Watch TV shows and hear the App-Ark story from our consultants

Our Students

Founded in 2009, App-Ark is devoted to serving each of our students with unique services and helping them reach the schools that are not only good but above all the most suitable for them. Application is not just competing with others, but a precious opportunity to search for the passion inside you, a chance to break through the limit of self-consciousness. Who are you? Where are you from? Where are you going? The counsellors here at App-Ark are willing to explore the answers to these questions with you, and help you, like we have done for all the App-Ark alumni, chase your dream in your dream school.

Put invention to production

UPenn M&T Program

Find the love for science

Duke University

Learn to build a violin

NYU Abu Dhabi

Help french students in China

Brown University

You can be less utilitarian

Emory University

A fair gamble

Cornell University